PB Development Company ownership of breweries and pubs.

21 Crimes (Aberdeen)

A speakeasy, the "secret bar" within the Vovem steak restaurant, exclusive and elusive, cocktails for the cognoscenti.

Bieldside Inn (Aberdeen)

Traditional granite building with contemporary interior. Mainly food led but does have some keg beer lines and beers available in cans too.

College Bar (Aberdeen)

A metropolitan venue, eclectic in offering, from craft beer and sport to live music and cocktails.

Howff (Aberdeen)

A small, friendly basement bar situated in the heart of the city centre at the west end of Union Street. It is easy to find, look out for the bandsman clock above the now, sadly, closed Bruce Millers music store.

Motif (Draft Project) (Aberdeen)

Set in the footprint of the former Bruce Millers music shop, PB Devco has rebranded the venue (formerly known as the Draft Project) as a “shabby chic urban oasis, inspired by Budapest’s ruin bars”.

Queen Vic (Aberdeen)

One room lounge bar slightly off the beaten track in a converted former opticians/ baker’s shop in the highly populated, tenement flatted area of Rosemount. Sporting events shown from time to time so may be extremely busy and noisy.

Soul (Aberdeen)

Glitzy re-imagining of a former church, this bar is popular with the party crowd. You may find local craft beers on keg.

Vovem (Aberdeen)

Vovem Meant and Liquor is steak restaurant with cocktail bar at the front of the venue. Swankier inside than you'd guess from the outside.