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Full Measure

There are specific licensing conditions concerning the quantities that some alcoholic drinks must be served in, particularly with regard to beer or cider, which must be solid in one third of a pint, two thirds of a pint, a half pint, or multiples of a half pint. Every glass must be stamped with either the 'crown mark and number' or the new 'CE and M marking'. Draught beer, lager and cider can be sold by the jug provided the stated quantity is in multiples of 1/2 pint (such as two pint or four pint) and either the jug is stamped as a transfer measure of that capacity or the liquid is measured by a meter in front of the consumer at the time of sale, but not before. Price lists must be clear about the measure that is used for a jug sale.

It is illegal to sell beer using any other measure.

For consumer or business advice, or to report a problem trader, telephone Aberdeen Trading Standards at 01224 523737, or email

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Facts and Figures

In the UK, 1 pint = 568 ml but in the USA 1 pint = 473.2 ml

I unit of alcohol = 10 ml of ethanol

Alcohol content is measured by AbV (alcohol by volume)

1 pint (568 ml) of 3.5% AbV beer contain 2 units of alcohol

100% proof = 57.06% alcohol by volume