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Beer Festival Volunteers


The Beer Festival is staffed entirely by volunteers who give up their time, before, during, and after public sessions to make this festival possible. It takes around 80 people to make this festival work, most of whom come from the local branch, with help from visiting CAMRA members and friends. A huge thanks to everyone who lends a hand.

Volunteers receive no financial payment for their time because all compensation is normally freely available in liquid form.

Lots of local volunteers are needed, especially for the busy Thursday and Friday evening sessions. Without Volunteers the festival cannot take place.

What can I do?

There are all types of work for all types of people. Some of it is physically demanding like building and dismantling the stillage (Tuesday and Sunday) and some of it is less strenuous like setting up the entry desk, membership stand and putting up posters (Wednesday). Even when we are open to the public there is still a good range of work types and it certainly isn’t all bar work. The product / membership desk as well as the entry desk also give an opportunity to work in the public eye but there are also plenty of less public jobs too.

Both Thursday and Friday evening sessions are very popular and around 50 volunteers are required.  In contrast Saturday has been an easy going day, but with most of our out-of-branch volunteers using the opportunity to visit some of the local pubs we have struggled at times to have enough workers particularly at tea-time early evening.

Do I need to be a CAMRA Member* ?

You don't have to be a CAMRA member to work at the festival; friends, acquaintances, colleagues and drinking buddies are all welcome. If you're not a member then we ask that you give the name of a local branch member as a personal reference. If you don't know anyone (yet) then get in touch before the event and ask for a dispensation.

How do I volunteer?

The easiest way is to fill in the electronic-volunteer-form lower-down this page (and press <Submit> at the bottom!).


You could ignore the on-line magic and do it the traditional way: download the volunteer form, then fill it in at your convenience and email it to our volunteer coordinator at


There is a postal address on the volunteer form (but that will cost you a stamp)

Please also download and read the volunteer guidelines below before you arrive.

Note: If you provide an e-mail address, we will use that e-mail address for the sole purpose of e-mailing you information about the forthcoming and future Aberdeen & North East CAMRA events. E-mail addresses provided by way of this form will not be used for any other purpose. You can opt out from further e-mails at any time by e-mailing