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Pub of the Year

CAMRA isn't just about beer; it's good to celebrate and acknowledge excellence in the pubs that stock our favourite tipple. Every year, as part of the selection process for the Good Beer Guide, all members of our branch have the opportunity to vote for their favourite bars, pubs and clubs.


*** Note the undernoted information is way out of date and will be updated soon! ***

From all the votes a City Pub of the Year (CPOTY) and a Shire Pub of the Year (SPOTY) are elected. In February 2015, the following results were announced after several rounds of very close voting held at a well attended meeting. The presentation to the Moorings took place mid May 2015.
City: Moorings Bar (3 years in a row!)
Runners up: Archibald Simpsons & The Grill
Shire: Marine Hotel, Stonehaven
Runner Up: Redgarth, Oldmeldrum
Overall Winner & A, G & NI branch nomination going towards the national POTY competition: Moorings Bar
Congratulations to all concerned. Many thanks to all those who voted or who visited and surveyed the pubs.

George Howie presents Jordan Shaw with certificate for the Prince of Wales winning Aberdeen CAMRA's City Pub Of The Year on 18th March 2017. It was also George's 70th birthday!



Ian Chapman, Aberdeen CAMRA Chairman, presents Stuart Singer, owner of the Redgarth, Oldmeldrum, with certificates for winning Aberdeen CAMRA's Country Pub Of The Year (POTY) and overall Branch POTY on 24th May 2017.