St. Machar Bar launches Crowdfunder

St. Machar University Bar

On 17th August the St. Machar Bar on the High Street in Old Aberdeen launched a £250,000 Crowdfunder appeal to buy the bar out of its lease and improve the facilities within the bar. The appeal has 30 days to reach it's target. If successful, it will free the bar from the tie and allow the bar to source products from sources of its choice, rather than via the controlling company/brewery.

The St Machar currently has 3 handpumps, of which two are in use post Pandemic. Stewart Brewing Pentland IPA is ever present, with Edinburgh Gold usually the second beer. If successful, the Crowdfunder will allow the bar to widen the range of breweries it can deal with and further improve the range of ales it can offer. As a bar that prides itself on the quality and range of whisky, it is highly likely the bar would improve their beer offering in a bid to further improve the reputation of this excellent pub.

For every £10 donated, the donor will receive £15 of vouchers. Donate over £200 and a T-shirt and bottle opener are yours.

Click here for more details about the Crowdfunder and to learn how to donate.



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Tue, 17 Aug 2021