What's Brewing

What's Brewing

You may wish to read What's Brewing, CAMRA's monthly newspaper. The last monthly printed edition of What’s Brewing is the April-2021 edition. From May 2021 What’s Brewing will evolve from a monthly printed publication to digital platform to bring you the news you really want - when you want it. 

  • The most recent content and stories front and centre, easy to search for articles, greater ability to share video, audio and imagery and available on your phone.
  • Set preferences to select the stories you want to hear about the most – whether that’s AGM updates, brewery news or localised information from your region.
  • A tailored newsletter and a new social media stream 
  • Involving local volunteer writers to bridge the gap between local and national CAMRA campaigning and news.

BEER magazine is CAMRA’s award-winning quarterly magazine. Published four times a year (and still available as a physical magazine) it features some of the best-known beer, cider and pub writers. It also has a narrated audio or digital download.

Both of these publications are available to CAMRA members either sent by post or available on the website.

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