Pub Crawls in Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City Centre - If you only have 2 hours

This short walking route will take you around four pubs with Real Ale in Aberdeen City Centre. The distances are short so you could visit in any order.

  1. Ground-zero is the Prince of Wales in the lane opposite Marks and Spencer on Union Street, a pub with a wide range of beer and a long straight bar.
  2. Walk uphill (West) on Union Street to the next major crossroads. Just 50 meters later on the left you will find The Grill opposite the Doric columns of the Music Hall. Don't be put off by the unwelcoming exterior and push through the rotating door. Enjoy the heritage interior, fine beer and a dram.
  3. Leave by the rear door and head down the cobbles towards the train station and Guild Street. Use the bridge to cross the railway lines, pass Union Square and the Tivoli Theatre. Turn left into Exchange Street for the Hop and Anchor; this is NOT a dedicated real-ale pub but it has a nice interior and is unique in Aberdeen for selling up-to 2 beers by gravity at reasonable prices. Perhaps grab a bite to eat.
  4. Back on Guild Street, continue left and cross Market Street to find Krakatoa. Allow time for your eyes to adjust to the dark and the neon before selecting a perfect beer from this multi-award winning pub.

Aberdeen City Centre - If you have 4 hours

Further pubs can be slotted into the tour above without significantly increasing the walking distance.

  1. Prince of Wales as above.
  2. Walk uphill on Union Street to pass the graveyard and turn right into Back Wynd then left into Little Belmont Street for the historical Ma Cameron's Inn. Ignore the large lounge at the rear and settle into the traditional bar and snug at the front of the building.
  3. Turn right out Ma's, then right again to arrive at the Art Gallery. Turn left and walk past His Majesty's Theatre to the Library. Head up Skene Terrace and immediately left climb the half-dozen stairs into North Silver Street to find the The Globe Inn.
  4. Literally next door, head into the cellar at Under the Hammer (closed due to Covid-19)
  5. Continue to Golden Square, straight through onto Union Street and find The Grill as above.
  6. Hop and Anchor as above.
  7. Krakatoa as above.
  8. Turn left out Krakatoa and left again up the cobbled Ship Row passing the Maritime Museum. Stop at Old Blackfriars in the Castlegate
  9. and/or cross over to the Archibald Simpson.

Aberdeen City - Explorer

Within 15 minutes brisk uphill walk of His Majesty's Theatre you will find the Queen Vic, 2020 branch pub of the year. On foot, head uphill on Rosemount Viaduct (passing the Masada Bar) until you reach the traffic lights at Rosemount. Turn left again and continue uphill to find the Queen Vic on the right at the junction with Esslemont Avenue.

An outlying pub well worth a visit is the St. Machar Bar in the heart of cobbled Old Aberdeen and Aberdeen University. Visit the superb St. Machars Cathedral and beautiful Seaton Park. It can be reached on-foot from the city centre but you may be better to seek a bus from Union Street heading north up King Street.

For Hipsters

Those of you who enjoy the Craft Beer Revolution,and don't mind if a good pub has no Real-ale, are well catered for. You will need a substantial bank balance.

  1. Start in Broad Street facing Marischal College, Walk left up the Gallowgate and find the first ever Original BrewDog.
  2. Walk straight down the facing LittleJohn Street to Six Degrees North. You may choose not to leave.
  3. Retrace your steps to Broad Street and head on straight to Union Street where you will see another BrewDog Castlegate.
  4. Go round the back of Brewdog to the first Fierce Bar.
  5. Walk down the cobbled Ship Row and cross Market Street to the Craftsman Company
  6. Continue along Guild Street and turn right at Stirling Street for CASC.
  7. If still standing, double back into Exchange Street for Hop and Anchor.