What this Branch Does

Welcome to the Aberdeen, Grampian and Northern Isles Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale. Our branch has around 500 members from all walks of life who share an appreciation of good beer. Volunteer members of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland branch can choose to get involved in any of the following activities:

Meet and Drink:

Participate in social gatherings or attend branch meetings in Real Ale hostelries in the branch area. Attend a beer tasting or even a "tasting training" session. Get a feel for the quality of real ale in the branch area. Laugh, cry and make your opinions known. 

Contribute to Good Beer Guide:

Vote for the pubs you've visited that you think should be included in the next Good Beer Guide. Attend the pub selection meeting. Survey your local pubs and collate the information that will appear in the guide.

Award Excellence:

Vote for Aberdeen City Pub Of The Year (CPOTY) or 'Shire Pub Of The Year (SPOTY) and attend the certificate presentations.

Come Along:

Visit a brewery on a day trip, or make it a crawl and visit a few over a weekend. The branch usually subsidises travel on all events with a campaigning element.

Campaign for Good Beer:

Highlight issues of misleading dispense, promote local ale, and write to your MP/MSP about local issues. 

Write and Distribute Newsletter:

Submit articles about pubs, breweries, trips and any other beer related information for inclusion in the branch Newsletter. Help to distribute the newsletters around the branch area.

Promote or Attend Beer Festivals:

Drink as a normal punter at beer festivals. Better still, offer a little of your time during setup, take-down or during open hours; extend your taste palette by drinking more beers in moderation than is normally possible.

Conduct Price Surveys:

Help monitor local and national trends in beer prices.