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A planned brewery visit can sometimes feel like a visit to a sterile stainless steel factory after everything has been cleaned and polished. Wouldn't it be fun to spend a day brewing our own beer, and experience the sights, smells and sounds of a brew in progress?

To that end, Margo and Stephen at Burnside Brewery in Laurencekirk will host a CAMRA-only "Be a Brewer Experience". The capacity is between 6 and 10 people and the date set as Saturday and 13th August 2022.

The cost is £65 for the day, which includes the experience, a case of beer, all food and drink on the day (including lunch, snacks and beer). The cost excludes travel to Laurencekirk; Aberdeen folk may choose to use public transport, others will need to make their own way there.

Travel to Laurencekirk from Aberdeen by train at 09:21, arriving at the brewery by 10am. We would depart the brewery around 16:30 for the 17:01 return. Return train fare is (less than) £15, depending on what railcards you have. 

Each participant gets a case of the beer that we've helped to make when it's ready. Half of this case can also be swapped out for some of other Burnside beers. There is an option to do it for £45 without the case of beer, but what's the point in that ?!? 

To Register Your Interest:

Please email the Social Secretary if you wish to come along; I will respond by email and add you to the list. 

Key Information:

Saturday 13th August 2022

Travel to Laurencekirk under your own steam, by car, train or bus.

Cost is £65 per person, lunch and beer included

Some time after the event, you receive a case of the beer.

Find Out More

Click to read more about what is involved at the Burnside Brewery website.

Familiarise yourself with the brewing process.




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